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Why wedding in Prague?

Why wedding in Prague? In the Czech capital tried to keep the spirit of the romantic Middle Ages. Prague was founded in VI century on the banks of the Vltava River, as the intersection of trade routes. A little later, King Wenceslaus I gave to the city rights to the settlement, and in the 15th century Jagiellonian dynasty chose Prague as their residence, turning it into the most beautiful city of the kingdom.

What Prague can offer newlyweds?

What Prague can offer newlyweds? Wedding ceremony in Old Town Hall will looks in European style. Extraordinarily beautiful it will be in the old Vrtbovsky garden, stunning stylish – in the Clementinum. You are waiting for the summer residence of the kings – Troya, Zofin Palace, Palaces Aliprandi and Kinski, the Municipal House. All of these places has the historic interiors, with festive atmosphere. In numerous parks of Prague you can spend stunning wedding photoshooting.

Zests of Prague wedding?

Zests of Prague wedding? Except of ancient atmosphere, Prague is proud of the culinary traditions. Here your guests can taste traditional Czech dishes – roast goose, mushroom soup and dumplings, baked meat served with sauerkraut or lingonberry jam and a dozen varieties of sausages. Also becherovka or plum brandy, fresh beer and liquor Fernet for the ladies. Oh yes, and do not forget, please, about the Prague pie and marzipan cakes!

Do you want to go on honeymoon?

Are you thinking how to arrange your wedding to make it memorable?

Oficial registration, valid marriage certificate claim, impressive hall or garden, or even the whole castle, the middle of Europe, the city of bridges, well there are all things you can imaging and dream of! And all it’s here, in Czech Republic and Prague!

You can order your wedding from the simplest registration only to the fantastic big ceremony: photo and video, flowers, costume for a groom and dress for a bride, restaurant, hotel. All you need is choose what you want and we’ll bring your dreams into the life.

Someone going to Cyprus, but, however, what is there, besides the sea and the small islands of the great civilization? Cozy Europe can decorate your romantic trip. Here joined the technical innovations and inheritance of centuries. Medieval castles, masquerade, knights in armors, or the cozy streets, excellent restaurants, opera houses and bridges in the light of the stars. All of this can be your reality!

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